Children’s Debit Cards Comparisons

As your child gets older you might want to give them a debit card or an app to help them save and learn about money, how to use it and its importance. But where should you start? Well, that is the question we are going to try and answer in this article.

You may have heard of a few companies offering these services. For instance gohenry, Revolut Junior or Roostermoney. These are the companies that we are going to be comparing in this article.

gohenry is a very popular Prepaid credit card company for kids. With over 1.5 million customers already using gohenry it is clearly popular and experienced.

Using the gohenry app for adults you can set regular pocket money payments and more.

Roostermoney has a lot of similarities with gohenry. However, I prefer Roostermoney’s app since it has a lot more usable and cheaper features such as spending pots, goals and chores.

Revolut Junior is a junior account of the revolut credit and debit cards. Even if you only have a free revolut account you can register your child as well, making this the most cost-friendly option. You do unlock features such as multiple children and goals pot as you go premium, however.

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