How I Created a Professional-Looking Logo For Free

Creating a perfect logo for your brand can be difficult however it is super important.

For instance, it only takes customers ten seconds to form an impression of your brands' logo, and if it is negative, well, off they may go to your competitors. So that is why it is important to have a fantastic logo, but sometimes these can be expensive. Such as The BBC’s latest logo, which set them back $1.8 million. But don’t worry read on to find out how you can create your logo for $0…

Step One:

For Step One you need to head over to our design tool which we are going to use, Canva. Hit the sign up button and enter your details. Then, hit the Create Design button and type in Logo. This will take you to the editor…

Step Two

Now, it’s time to start designing and get your hands dirty. The first step is to add an icon into your design (Skip this step if you don’t want to add an icon and just want, however, we recommend having an illustration in your logo, for things like app icons or favicons). To do this click the Elements button on the left and search for an icon that relates to your brand, for instance, for a candle selling business search for “Candles”. Scroll down and click the icon you like best and it will automatically be added to your canvas. You add more elements, resize or move around your icon just like you would in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.

Step Three

The next step is to add some text to your logo (Skip this step if you don’t want to add text to your logo however, we highly recommend having your brands name on the logo to make it more recognisable). To do this click the Text button, a bit below the Elements button. From there you can browse all of the text styles and choose one or you can just add a header and change the font once you have finished typing. Whichever option you choose, click on the text that you want and it will be added to your canvas automatically, just like with elements. From there you can delete the text that is already there and type in your company name. If you used a normal header you can change the font and colour as well. To do this select all of your text and look for the drop-down box that says your current font name, for instance, “Open Sans Extra Bold”. Hit the little arrow and browse for your favourite font. Click on it and your font should have been applied. Now it’s time to change the colour, select all of your text again and move over to the big A with a rainbow under it. Click it and choose your colour.

Step Four

Well done your logo is finished! But now what to do with it? Click the download button, choose your file type and download. Your design has automatically been saved to your computer!

Thanks for reading until the end!




I post about tech, space, business, the environment and more!

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I post about tech, space, business, the environment and more!

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